Organisational Structure


Lewis Industries Limited is run by Mr Andre Lewis and Mrs Thecla Lewis who are responsible for the day to day operations of the company. Lewis Industry Limited currently employs full time and part time staff to carry out the routine scheduled work, consisting of various maintenance and janitorial contracts, one-off and emergency jobs, and training and consultancy services.

All of the work is supervised by a quality assurance team who are responsible for delegating work assignments through the supervisors. Supervisors are also responsible for job supervision of workers at each location. Supervisors are also responsible for overseeing work in progress such as:

  • Site Or Worker Safety
  • Coaching And Mentoring Of Staff
  • Customer Liaison On Site
  • Quality Of Delivery
  • Responsible For Acquisition Of Tools, Equipment And Inventory

Office Administration:


The office is staffed by the:

Managing Director

Quality Control Officer Maintenance

Administrative Assistant

Quality Assurance Manager

Director of Operations/HRD

Quality Control Officer Assessments

Accounts Officer

Office Assistant/cleaning technician

Accounts Manager

Inventory Control Officer

Driver/cleaning technician

Sales and Marketing Executive


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